About us

Inside Startups launched in early 2011 because one startup CEO, Dan, thought there had to be a better way to find people to hire. Startup companies had a hard time finding talent, and people who wanted to work for startups did not know where to find jobs. It seemed inefficient and spoke to a larger issue – there was simply not enough good information about startups available. Trying to solve that problem is how Inside Startups was born.

The first project was to create a clean and simple weekly email listing 5 startup jobs in various cities (New York City, our home, being the first). Through word of mouth, career fairs and some press, the list quickly spread to tens of thousands of signups, and soon people were finding jobs at startups through our newsletter. From the beginning, we focused on keeping it standardized, short and sweet.

As Ali started to expand the mailing list, grow partnerships with startups, and host monthly events, we transitioned into the second project, which was to build a giant database with every startup. We wanted something highly searchable, so that if you wanted a job doing X in Y field in Z city, you could find it. We also wanted something that was visual – that would really give people a look inside of startups and give companies a fresh and dynamic about us page. With Ben’s help we designed and built it, and that’s what you see here.

From the email to the website to a long list of future projects, we are committed to trying to reduce the friction between startups and people who want to learn about them. In so doing we hope to stimulate and support technology growth in our own NYC and across the world. Enjoy!

Dan PorterAli NicolasBen Weisman